WiiBrator Gives Wiimote 'Personal Massager' Makeover

New to the Wii homebrew scene, the "WiiBrator" app is "creating a buzz." The work of Team DWiildo, it's a way to convert the jack-of-all-trades Wiimote into a "relaxation" device. Here's the more detailed description, along with an important warning:

This is a highly advanced technology demo of a Wii vibrator. Use at your own risk. For educational purposes only. Wii remote jacket is supported for enhanced comfort...Do not try to use this with either the Wii Zapper or Wii Wheel peripherals. Injury may result from use.

Plans for upcoming versions:
* Integrate into main Homebrew Channel menu.
* Add "stimulating" slideshow image support.
* Online multiplayer mode supporting up to 32 players, possibly more (this would make it the first ever widely available tele-dildonics).
* Support for usb webcam use and online chat client.
* Support for 4 simultaneous Wii-motes
* Remote activation of Wii-motes (Wii-mote 1, 2, and 3 activated via Wii-mote 4... all 4 activated through gamecube controller)

We'd proceed only with extreme caution. [WiiBrew via Maxconsole]

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