What’s In The Apple Sydney Store Swag Bag?

What’s In The Apple Sydney Store Swag Bag?
apple swagbag2.jpg
Some of you were wondering what was in the Apple swagbags being carried around by journalists throughout the Sydney store’s media preview.

As you can see, we picked up a T-shirt (featuring the quote “Store’s Up” on the front and centre, plus the blue wave of iPod nano motif that was covering the store for weeks before today’s preview.

There was also a $25 iTunes voucher, a guide to the Sydney Store’s opening and a booklet on the one-to-one training offerings you can get in the store.

Hit the jump for a stylish shot of yours truly modelling the shirt.

apple swagbag.jpg
Can you believe I was almost a male model? No? That’s because it’s a lie. Obviously.

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