What Geek Movie Remakes and Sequels are Too Horrifying for Even Hollywood to Create?

Hollywood is going a little bit crazy with the unnecessary sequels and remakes these days, more often than not taking a beloved show or movie from our younger years and holding it down while it drowns in a bathtub. Still, there are properties left unmolested, memories that have yet to be tarnished. Trust me: it's only a matter of time. For this week's Photoshop contest, I want to see you imagine some new sequels or remakes that would be so offensive to your precious memories that you would swear off movies for good.

Come up with your best images and send them to me (in .jpg form, please) to [email protected] with the subject line "horrible movies." I'll post the best examples of cinematic abortions in our Gallery of Champions next week. So get going! There are precious movie memories to defile!

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