Weak, Flabby Dollar Creating Wii Fit Shortage, Could Probably Use Some Time On Wii Fit

Did you see Lam sweating it out in his Wii Fit review? Did that cause you rush out to the store, hands trembling with anticipation, in an attempt to procure one for yourself? Of course it did, but you probably came home empty-handed because the thing was basically sold out weeks before it even launched. And now we know why: the US Dollar sucks, and it's causing the notoriously conservative Nintendo to shift stock to places like Europe and Japan.

Now, before you go stringing up Nintendo, or do something really rash, like buy a PS3, consider the words of video game journalist go-to guy Michael Pachter.

"The shortage demonstrates one consequence of the weak dollar. We're seeing companies ignore their largest market simply because they can make a greater profit elsewhere," Pachter said.

Nintendo's conservative shift is just good business. According to Pachter, Nintendo has shipped approximately 500,000 copies of Wii Fit to North America, and about 2 million units to Europe. By sending four times as many units to Europe, they are maximising profits, which at the moment are pretty incredible.

Besides, it's not as if those American waistlines are going anywhere anytime soon. "They know that Americans will be just as fat a few months from now when Nintendo will have more units available, Pacter said.

AU: Am I the only Australian struggling to find tears for our US counterparts and their Wii Fit shortage? Considering we always have to wait for cool new tech down here... I have one word for all the bitter Americans: iPhone.

[LA Times]

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