VisionArt Hides Flat Panel TVs and Speakers Behind Fine Art For Classy Consumers

If you are planning to install a flat panel television into a tastefully decorated room, chances are you will want to conceal that sucker along with any speaker setups so as not to detract from all of your well-crafted classiness. VisionArt may have an ideal solution that conceals your equipment behind museum quality art prints when not in use.

They have teamed up with Triad speakers to offer units that incorporate the front left, centre and right channel speakers underneath your flat-panel television. When you turn on the unit, the artwork retracts to reveal the screen but leaves the speakers masked from view behind a black matte material. Custom sizes and speaker setups are available, but I'm sure that regardless of the configuration you choose, installing VisionArt in your home will not come cheap. Still, it may be a small price to pay for such a seamless solution. [VisionArt via Electronic House]

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