Turiba University Sets World Record With 1,911 Simultaneous Coke-Mentos Explosions

Some people celebrate anniversaries with food, or a little dancing, but Business University Turiba in Latvia decided to have a little fun with a Gizmodo favorite: the ol' Mento in the Coke reaction. For the school's 15th anniversary, the students set out the break the previous world record for this category, which was held by 1,499 Belgian students in the town of Leuven. Last Thursday, they succeeded, and the contents of 1,911 bottles of Coke were sprayed violently upward, and into history.

Guinness World Record representative Erica Attivor was on site and approved the record, which looked messy, to say the least.And then, for some reason, they broke out the flamethrowers. Coke, Mentos, and flamethrowers? Sounds like a Gizmodo-endorsed party if I ever heard of one.[TVNET, Krabjiem, Apollo]

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