Try AT&T's Pogo 3D Web Browser

AT&T's doing a desktop browser called Pogo—it's a "3D visual web browser" built on Firefox 2. (They're moving it to Firefox 3 currently.) It has some graphically interesting ways of doing bookmarks, history (probably my favourite feature with a Time Machine-like 3D timeline) and tabs, and a dock along the bottom. I'm kind of mixed on it so far—the eye candy doesn't always translate into more productive browsing—but they're looking to spread out the beta pool and have given us a code that's good for 500 downloads if you want to check it out. Update: Code is DEAD! But we're trying to get more.

Go to Pogo's site and enter this code: gYPL6vLf. (Minus the period.) When the code dies, let us know (we'll try to get more), as well as what you think of it. Min specs ain't super minimal, BTW, cause of the 3D trickery, and they recommend more:

•Intel / AMD processor @ 1.0 Ghz or higher
•1.0 Gb Ram (as low as 512Mb minimum for systems with a dedicated video card)
•Discrete or Integrated video card with 128 Mb Video RAM, DirectX 9.0c hardware compatible
•Desktop set to 32-bit color


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