The Sydney Apple Store Is Open!

The Sydney Apple Store Is Open!
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About 40 minutes ago, the Sydney Apple Store opened its doors to the hoardes of rabid fans that had been lining up outside.

The corner of George Street and King Street was packed, shoulder-to-shoulder with curious workers, interested tourists and indifferent passers-by. But no matter who it was, there was one company on everybody’s lips – Apple. Whether it was the iPhone, The Macbook Air, or even just the iPod, everybody we walked passed was talking about the shiny white Apple and their new store.

At 5:30, the line extended back from the front of the store on George street, around the corner onto King street where it stopped, before resuming on the corner of King and York. About 100 metres down York street, it abruptly stopped again, resuming on the opposite side of the road where it extended all the way to Market street.

Talking to security managing the line, they said that there was easily 2000 people in queue to get their free T-shirt.

I’m sure Apple will fill us in on the exact number of people who passed through their doors on opening night. In the meantime, enjoy some images from the opening and the ongoing queue.
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