The 3G iPhone Is Official

Just now at WWDC, Steve Jobs confirmed the long-rumoured 3G iPhone. People said they wanted 3G and 56% said it was too expensive. "Today we're introducing the iPhone 3G."


Here are the additional key details, updated as they're announced:

Key Features:
Charcoal Back
Solid Metal Buttons
Same 3.5" Display
Flush Headphone Jack
Dramatically Improved Audio

3G Advantage

Showing a EDGE vs 3G comparison loading a webpage, 3G took 21 seconds. EDGE...waiting...waiting...uhh...59 seconds! Same phone, same location. 2.8X faster - and they claim loads webpages faster than Nokia N95 (33 seconds) or Treo 750 (34 seconds).

Battery Life
5-6 hours of browing
24 hours of audio battery

And GPS!

And it's coming to 70 countries over the "next several months."

More Affordable
$199 for 8GB

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