Thanko's Lazy Geek's Cushion, Perfect for Prone PC Action

Ages ago I admitted to being a floor-lounger, and it looks like Thanko has come up with a solution that'll let me combine lazing around and blogging for the Giz at the same time. I might rename it from Lazy Geek's Cushion to "Relaxed Blogger's Desk" though. Looking a little like a massage table, it's 78 x 48 cms across, and can be propped up at a variety of angles from flat to about 30 degrees so your arms reach your notebook... and see that little space for your chin? Looks comfy. No info on pricing, but I'd love to import one. I'd just have to persuade my wife that it's a good idea, and not ugly at all. [Akihabaranews]


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