Stress Relieving Vase Takes Your Verbal Abuse, so Others Don't Have To

Have you ever felt the need to let rip with a stream of expletives, yells and screams, but not been able to as you'd piss-off your noise-sensitive neighbours? Well, with a little help from the Sakebi no Tsufu "Shouting Vase" you'd be able to make as much noise as you like—get it all out, dump all your stress—and still be pretty much inaudible to everyone else. The plastic device is basically a muffler for your yells, with internal baffles that suppress the sound you make. It's available in Japan for around US$48, and I wish it was buyable here: it would've been perfect when I jammed my thumb in a door yesterday and my wife was snoozing nearby. [Crunchgear]

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