Space Wedding Doesn't Include 62.1-Mile High Club Membership

Soon, all those silly individuals who like to marry underwater, on top of mountains, jumping off planes, or even in church, will have another way to get into this futile and utterly-frustrating experience that some people like to call "marriage," but that I would like to call The China Syndrome. Space will now be the ultimate frontier for grooms and brides in 2011, when Rocketplane Kistler Japan and wedding planner First Advantage start to sell their one-hour ceremony to marry in zero gravity, at 100 kilometres above the planet's surface.

The companies plan to use the Rocketplane XP suborbital spaceplane for this, at the cost of US$2.2 million per wedding. It's not that expensive, considering that this will buy you a live broadcast of the marriage, a reception for your guests on the ground, original space wedding dress (whatever that means), transportation to the launch site, accommodations, four days of rehearsal and the obligatory photo and video album to show to your friends that your marriage started high before free-falling in flames onto the ground.

Alternatively, you can save yourself US$2.2 million, plus the money of the divorce or the vacation in Bermuda.

We used to argue and fight, we finally decided, we either take a vacation on Bermuda or get a divorce, one of the two things, and we discussed it very maturely, and we decided on the divorce, 'cause we felt we had a limited amount of money to spend, y'know. A vacation in Bermuda is over in two weeks, but a divorce is something that you'd always have. — Woody Allen

[Space Wedding via Pink Tentacle]

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