Sony Ups CES Ante With Bigger, Better Bravia XBR6, XBR7, XBR8 LCDs

Sony is having a block party with its top-end Bravia LCD line today—two entirely new series, XBR7 and XBR8, and updates to XBR6. At CES, we asked, "Where are the big Sony TVs?" Here they are. XBR8 brings features from its obscenely ridiculous US$33,000 70-inch XBR3 down to more accessible 46 and 55 inch sets—namely tri-colour Triluminos backlight, which is supposed to deliver decently deep blacks. Also on tap is 120Hz Motionflow and Bravia Engine Pro 2 processing jujitsu.

KDL-40&46XBR6 Right.jpgKDL-40&46XBR6_front_no pix.jpgKDL-40&70XBR7 Front_pix.jpgKDL-55&46XBR8 Front_pix.jpgkdl_55&46xbr8_left_no pix.JPGkdl_40&70xbr7 no pix.JPG

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