Sony Ericsson xPeria X1 Reviewed, Now Dubbed SEX1

That dirty dirty BengalBoy has got his dirty dirty paws all over the Sony Ericsson xPeria X1, putting it through his usual battery of tests: girls in bikini holding it, girls in bikini licking it, girls in bikini fondling it, and girls in bikini trying to find it inside their bikinis because they just lost it somewhere in the last test. He also tried it himself, defining it as "Stainless Steel Wireless Erotica" and dubbing it SEX1. And yes, his other impressions and photos—including the obligatory comparison shot with the previous generation iPhone—can be applied to sex toys as well.

Sony xPeria X1 size comparison96487827.jpgSony xPeria X1 backSony xPeria X1xPeria may induce girls into lesbian sexiPhone vs SEX1I is trapped, you see?Anybody has seen the xPeria? I can't find it. It's not in my pockets.Look at this phone.

According to Bengal Boy, the Sony Ericsson xPeria X1 is his dream phone, the heir of his Sony P800 in terms of quality but using Windows Mobile Professional 6.1, which he thinks is the best smartphone operating system. Of course, he also thinks that "Brandy Wine" and "Lex'ah" here are hot, so I guess we will have to wait and actually try the SEX1 ourselves. In the meantime, head to Bengal Boy for the full photoreportage and impressions. [Bengal Boy]

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