Seven Deadly Glasses Will Tease, Tempt You With Sinful Wine

In vino peccatus... perhaps the saying should go like this, given the kind of hangover a bottle of wine can result in. And designer Kacper Hamilton might well agree. His Seven Deadly Glasses wine glasses are meant to physically represent each sin. So there's the phallic Pride glass, contrasting with the curly Greed glass—that hangs on to a few sips in its tentacles—and Sloth, which needs someone else to drip-feed you the good stuff. Check out the gallery to see the full range of designs: they're pretty intriguing.

Display caseWrathEnvyLustGluttonySlothPride

Each glass's sin is "revealed through the ritual of drinking," says Kacper, adding that the glasses are designed to encourage "the user to be sinful in a theatrical fashion." Presumably throwing up theatrically after imbibing too much is entirely up to you, with no help from art or design.

If you're in London between June 12th and 19th, you can see the glasses being exhibited at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design Degree Show. And if you like them, you can order one of the limited edition sets. They come in a mahogany, velvet and brass case, so expect the price to be pretty sinful too. [Kacper Hamilton via Dezeen via Notcot]

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