Scorpion Supercar Uses Hydrogen Hybrid Engine to get 17km/litre

According to Ronn Motors, the Scorpion supercar will not only achieve 0-100 kph in just 3.5 seconds, but also earns green credentials by getting 17 kilometres per litre. This trick is achieved by having a hydrogen-hybrid engine under the hood (also known as hydrogen injection, Water4Gas or HHO.) Small doses of hydrogen are generated and fed into the fuel mixture, making for a more efficient burn. Apparently this technology is a little controversial, but that hasn't stopped Ronn from putting together a bloody good looking car around that special engine, as the second photo underlines.

Best of all, though there's no hints on pricing and the car is still in prototype stage, it may be available in a limited run as soon as October this year. [ via New Launches]

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