Sat-Nag GPS Takes You on a Long Annoying Trip to Nowhere

Every once in a while, a product comes along that is so utterly baffling that you begin to question whether or not society has stopped evolving. The Sat-Nag GPS unit is one of those products. I say "GPS," but in reality, the Sat-Nag is completely non-functional as a navigation system. What it does manage to do is annoy everyone in the vehicle with phrases like: "I know you're a man, but it's been 35 minutes now, so can you please admit you're lost and ask someone the way?"; and "In 100 metres turn left. No right, err, no left. Sorry, I never can tell my left from my right."

Apparently, there are a ton of phrases loaded up into this thing and all of them are intended to annoy men with a whiny female voice. As for the screen, it features a holographic image that highlights roads like "Whiny Lane, Backseat Drive and Earache Avenue." Why anyone would purchase this thing is beyond me, but I do know this much—if you happen to be transporting a backseat driver who is laughing and pushing the buttons on a Sat-Nag, it is time to leave that asshole on the side of the street to see if it can lead him/her back to civilization. Available for around US$14. [iwoot via RGS]

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