Sam Fisher's Badass Earbuds: Waterproof Silynx C4OPS With Tactical GPS and Noise Cancellation

These are the most badass earbuds on the planet, worn by the most badass people on the planet. Made by Silynx, the C4OPS are noise-cancelling earbuds made for Special Forces that have a built-in GPS receiver which transmits securely through tactical radio and has voice navigation.

The noise-cancelling is self-adapting based on the type of battlefield noise (super normal hearing!), and it has dual wireless push to talk. Not only are they waterproof to 20m (!), they're interoperable with the majority of tactical radios and will let soldiers control two radios at once. And yes, that's the actual promo video. BAD. ARSE. Blam's thinking about getting some for WWDC and CES. [Silynx via Gizmag]

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