Rumour: Samsung BD-P2500 Blu-ray Player, First Sammy With BD-Live Capabilities

Some French message board has rumour of a new Samsung Blu-ray player called the BD-P2500. There have been countless before, but the hot thing about this is that its the first with the hardware to support full spec BD-Live from the Korean company. Update: Samsung has said that the previously announced BD-P1500 will come "BD-Live-ready," with a firmware upgrade required to take it to the full 2.0 spec. This rumoured player would likely come with 2.0 action already built in.

FWIW, it's supposed to be coming in the fall with 7.1 analogue outputs, and a Silicon Optix Reon processor. When I say FWIW, I mean not all that much for the rest of us: Panasonic's got a BD-Live player coming out within the month and there's always our favourite Blu-ray player, the PS3. Better late then never, though. [Annees Laser via Blu-ray, BTW, that is not a photo of the BD-P2500]

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