Robot Teddy Bear Gives Directions and Bitches About Your Drinking and Driving

If you hate backseat drivers, fluffy animals, and people calling you out about your drinking problem, you will definitely want to steer clear of the teddy bear navigation system being cooked up by iX research corporation. The bear gives directions, but it will also critique your driving by saying phrases like "watch out!" when you slam on the brakes. It will even confront you when sensors embedded in its throat detect the presence of alcohol ("You haven't been drinking have you?").

If that wasn't bizarre enough, it actually gives directions with flair using the six joints in its arms and neck to make gestures—and it will provide information on nearby landmarks when you pet its head. iX plans on expanding their line to include a "variety of shapes, including other characters and a plain mechanical version" in the near future, and they expect to have a product on the shelves sometime next year. As for a reason why anyone would want a teddy bear car navigation system, I have only one thing to's from Japan. [Pink Tentacle via psfk]

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