Real-Size Alien Statue Guaranteed to Kill You at Night

Standing 2.3 metres high, this ultra-realistic alien statue made of steel, resin and rigid foam—with transparent dental acrylic lips—is designed to kill everyone who tries to break into your house with the sheer power of pure fear. The only bad this is that, most probably, it will also kill you when you go to the fridge in the middle of the night. As you can see in the nine-image gallery, the detail is amazing.


The alien is made around a steel armature, with a fully-posable tail, resting on top of a 4 by 2-feet wood base. The head is made of resin and rigid foam, with a vacu-form dome. The body and tails are made of latex and polyfoam. All this plus a potential heart attack will only cost you $5,200, drooling gel not included. [The Contaminated]

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