Readybot is a Robot Maid for Cleaning Your Stuff, Version 0.1

It's hard not to watch this video of DIY robot Readybot and think "sweet... what's the next version like?" Looking like everyone's favourite trashcan-shaped sci-fi droid has collided with a dishwasher, Readybot's intended to be a home-assistant 'bot doing a maid's job, cleaning your house. It may be slow and primitive now, but it looks pretty adept at grabbing stuff from the floor. And deploying a Roomba to do the vacuuming is genius. Actually an on-going development by makers The Readybot Robot Challenge, the robot will get more sophisticated, and we'll be watching for Phase 2 later this year. I'll get excited when it can put my clothes away and clean the cat litter tray. [Readybot]

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