PS3 New Firmware In-Game XMB Demonstrated, Coming July 2

At last it's here: in-game crossbar menubar in the PlayStation 3. Sony's Eric Lempel says it's coming "very soon" on July 2 as part of PS3 Firmware v.2.40, and in the meantime he teases PS3 fans with its features, as well as the other new functions like the Google Search Bar or the new Trophy system, which looks great in the following video.

It is pretty easy to work with: click at any time on the PlayStation button and XMB will pop up on top of the game you are playing. From there you can do anything you can normally do in the main crossbar: read and send messages online, change games, activate your Bluetooth set, or change the game music soundtrack to your favourite music playlist. According to Eric, it will work in "the majority of games." [Playstation Blog and PS3 Fanboy]

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