Prezenter PSR Two-Touchscreen Laptop: Travelling Sales Pitches Go High-Tech

I've never encountered a travelling salesperson, so I've not had someone trying to push a "revolutionary" product on me from the comfort of my home. But if the Prezenter PSR is anything to go by, travelling sales is about to get high-tech. It's a custom notebook PC, designed to fold so that a 14-inch screen faces the victims audience, while a 7-inch touchscreen faces the seller. The small screen controls the presentation, and the audience can draw stuff on their screen. Apart from that it's a standard laptop, with 3.5 hours of battery if you're using Wi-Fi, and it's on trial in the US market. When it's for sale, it'll cost you US$1,800: presumably you won't have to watch a two-hour sales pitch to buy one. [Cnet]

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