Pennycam Captures Convenience Store Thieves, Penny Pinchers

I know how it is with you man—you see that "Take-a-Penny, Leave-a-Penny" tray and it is all "take, take, take!" Well your days of penny pinching are over now that SteathVue has developed their Pennycam. What they have done is to embed a security camera inside the tray that relays upward angled video to a DVR using a standard BNC cable. Obviously, Pennycam is intended to capture clearer (500 x 582 resolution) images of thieves that try and obscure their face from overhead cameras—and it seems to work pretty well based on the footage in the following demo video.

The Pennycam is powered by a 12V adaptor and is fairly inexpensive at only US$199. [StealthVue via Gizmag via SlipperyBrick]

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