PC Gamers Pirating 20x the Games They Buy?

Crytek, makers of the game/PC benchmarking software Crysis, have reported that they believe that the piracy rate on the game is somewhere between 15:1 and 20:1.

That means for every one game sold, people download 15 to 20 pirated copies. It's an amazing number when you realise that as of February, the game had sold 1 million copies and it could alter who makes PC-exclusive games going forward. In other words, just look for console gaming to get even bigger Mr. I Spent Too Much On My Computer But It Glows."

Then again, 20:1 is probably fairly paltry when compared to the free download rate on Adobe products...yes, we're looking into your computers and we can see their black, stolen hearts. [IGN via Maxconsole]

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