Passive Aggressive Anger Release Machine, or Goodbye Kitty

Laydeez an' gennulmen, I bring you the passive-agressive anger-release machine, an interactive sculpture by Yarisal and Kublitz. It's pretty self-explanatory—a vending machine that smashes smashables for you, although I'm not sure it gives you the same satisfaction that you get from chucking china at the floor. I dedicate this one to those people who were hoping for a 32GB iPhone at yesterday's WWDC, anyone who believes that Hello Kitty is the Jim Jones of the 21st century, my director, Ang Lee, producer Harvey Weinstein, and my voice coach, Bart Simpson. Oh, hang on, haven't I forgotten someone?

Ah yes, Blam, for employing me, Wilson, for editing me, Benny, for making me laugh. And finally, my husband, for loving me.

And now, I think, a little drinky is in order. [today and tomorrow]

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