One of Malaysia's Anti-Piracy Sniffer Dogs Found Dead at Home

Gizmodo's resident dogspert, Jones, will be wearing a black legband today to honour Manny—he's the blond in the raver's jacket, above—who was found dead at his kennel last week. The dog, who had arrived from Northern Ireland with his chum Paddy, both of them from the Motion Picture Association of America, was one of the newest members of Malaysia's pirate DVD sniffer dog team, had not yet started work, as he had yet to acclimatise to the tropical heat in his new home. Lucky and Flo, the original members of the snooper-doggy-dog team, which rounded up over $6 million-worth of counterfeit DVDs during their tour of duty, had had a US$28,000 bounty on their furry heads, foul play is not thought to be responsible for Manny's demise. Nevertheless, a post-mortem is taking place. [New Straits Times via Register Hardware]

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