ONDA Urinal Concept Changes the Question: Did You Wash Yours Hands While Going to the Bathroom?

Usually, washing up in the toilet at a sporting event gets you a one-way ticket out of the ballpark, but that could be changing thanks to Lee Isherwood and his ODNA urinal concept. The first—and probably last—of its kind, the ODNA promotes water conservation by combining a hand washing station with a urinal. Instead of simply flushing, you go about your business and then wash your hands in the infrared-activated "sink" above. The cascading water from the sink cleans out the toilet, and serves as the "flush."

The beauty of the ONDA, beyond its Italian-inspired design and conservation chops (uses only half the water—think about it), is that it can be fitted to existing plumbing. It also features an "anti-splashback" design for those with less-than-desirable aim (score!).Of course, for you non-hand washers out there, this is just another toilet. You know who you are. [Hershwood 3D via The Design Blog]

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