OLPC Founder Negroponte Wanted to Make Multitouch XO-2 Laptop 20 Years Ago

Long before the XO Laptop climbed over US$100 and OLPC's name was sullied by infighting (and then redeemed by its dual multi-touchscreen XO2 concept) OLPC founder Nick Negroponte was preaching the gospel of ten-finger multi-touch over the "mouse on Macintosh," which sounds profoundly clunky compared to his vision of interfacing with computers. In this 1984 TED talk, the experience he describes sounds remarkably like the XO-2—over 25 years later, he'll finally build the computer he's always wanted. (And I want too.) The clip is long, but prescient and brilliant—you'll feel smarter afterward. [TED via Mental Floss]

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