Nvidia Tegra All-in-One Mobile Processors Aim to Nuke Intel's Atom, Promise 30 Hours HD Playback

Nvidia's launch of its Tegra processors makes World War Mobile official, with multiple major players cramming serious juice into tiny, ultra efficient chips for a range of mobile devices. Nvidia is calling Tegra "the world's first computer on a chip for mobile visual computers" which squeezes a CPU, GPU, system memory and more onto a dime-sized chip that Nvidia says is 10x more efficient than the competition, with up to 30 hours of HD video playback (WSJ says 26). It's for so-called mobile internet devices that fall between smartphones and subnotebooks (like Nokia's N810), so it's taking on the lowest end of Intel's Atom chips, though we'll have to see how it fares head-to-head.

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