NTT DoCoMo Developing Crazy, Eye-controlled Gadget Prototypes

The AP's look into the NTT DoCoMo R&D labs shows the Japanese electronics company is working on some really strange stuff, including music players you control with your eyes, and mobile phones that require your fingers for more than just dialing (think Inspector Gadget).

The music player in its current form is a humongoid set of headphones that can do things like adjust the volume based on what direction you roll your eyes, or change the track by moving your eyes from side to side. The telephone is a ball-shaped ring that sits on your finger and uses bone conduction to transmit the sound of the caller to your ear. And theyre also working on a wristwatch that can interpret taps between the thumb and forefinger as remote control commands, like a modern day Morse code. But this is all R&D stuff, of course. Don't expect it in stores anytime soon. [AP]

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