Nikon’s MyPictureTown Wants Your Photos

Nikon’s MyPictureTown Wants Your Photos

I generally use Picasa when I want to share photos with friends and family. Mostly because it offers a full gigabyte worth of space, which means I can upload full sized images for people who want to print out large copies. It’s also incredibly simple for some of my less technologically-savvy family to access, which works out well for them too.

But after my recent nuptials, I’m starting to run out of space on my Picasa account. Sure, I could pay money to get more storage, or I could just check out Nikon’s new MyPictureTown site, which offers a whopping 2GB worth of storage for nothing.

You can post photos directly to blogs or websites from inside MyPictureTown, play slideshows to music and organise your photos with a simple drag and drop interface. If you’re after a different online photo sharing service, or even just somewhere to backup your photos, this looks like it could be gold.