New Wall-E Promotion Posters Invoke 1950s Ad Stylings

Fans of retro-styled poster art and Pixar films can now buy Eric Tan's 1950s throwback WALL-E prints. The WALL-E designs, which include pictures of Wall-E and Eve next to slogans such as "The Future is NOW!" were previously handed out as promotional postcards at the San Diego Comic Con 2007. These new poster-size versions measure 33 by 48 cms and cost US$165 unframed.

Tan says he found his inspiration from old Disneyland attraction posters - something the Pixar guys are allegedly obsessed with. To differentiate the new Wall-E prints from his last line of The Incredibles art, Tan decided to go for a 1950s advertisement twist. Get your own at Acme Direct or, if you'd rather risk jail than spend US$165, steal them from the walls of the main lobby of Pixar Animation Studios. [Slashfilm]

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