Nereus Kite-Powered Water Pod Racer Can Dive

The Nereus is a kite-powered watercraft which looks like the product of an orgy between a hammerhead, a manta ray, a Japanese bike and a Storm Trooper. Inspired by kite-surfing, the designers of this water pod racer say that it will "achieve relatively high speeds on and under water." We don't know how high speed diving can be possible with the sea dragging you, but we know how you make it work.


According to them, you would be able to control the Nereus by just turning the handlebars, like using any bike. The handlebars are attached with strings to the kite, employing the same principles used in kite-surfing. To dive, you only have to push down, and the Nereus will dive for a few seconds before emerging again because of the kite dragging it out of the water. Sounds crazy, and we want one. [Behance]

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