Mitsubishi 149 iSP Series LCDs Loaded With 16 Speakers Up Front

Mitsubishi's 149 iSP series LCDs have a 16-speaker sound bar built-in for people who are too lazy (like me) or don't know how (like my parents) to set up a home theatre. The integrated Sound Projector, as it's called, sends sound flying around the walls to act like surround sound—in my experience, it was way better than typical front speaker-only setups but didn't match the immersive feeling of true surround.

One great thing about the set is that you can change the way it does sound depending on room size and TV placement using simple menu options. Oh yeah, and the picture on the 120Hz set wasn't bad either. The 149 comes in two flavours, a 46" for US$3300 and a 52" for US$3700, out soon. [Mitsubishi]

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