Medical Imaging App - Pinching Nerves In Your Pocket?

B. Lam:

10:59 am ON Jun 9 2008 Jason Chen:

Example use: doctors sharing a patient's image data to the patient "iPhone to iPhone", basically letting them take away their photos to show their family. "Look how bad my hernia is!"

10:57 am ON Jun 9 2008 Jason Chen:

Doctors can flip stuff around and view images from various angles. Pinch, double tap and various other current photo-viewing actions can be used in their app. There's even on-screen measurement lines you can draw to see, say, how big a tumor is. It disappears when you shake the phone (accelerometer use).

10:56 am ON Jun 9 2008 B. Lam:

10:56 am ON Jun 9 2008 Jason Chen:

The second medical app is from MIMvista, a company that's a "leading developer of medical imaging data." Mark Cain is coming up on stage, showing a CT scan and a PET scan (I've no idea what either one does, but I'm no Dr. House).

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