McCain Says He'll Choose Vice-President Via Google


Hi, John McCain here.
You might know me, I'm the Republican candidate for this year's presidential race. However, I'm not yet in possession of a Number Two to ride that ticket alongside me. Earlier this week, I told people at a luncheon party in Virginia that I was using the power of the Google in order to find myself a vice-president. Trouble is, I just don't know who to pick.

First thought was Thrillary, then someone reminded me she was on a different side of the fence than me. Still, we might get the anti-Obama vote wrapped up that way. Young and dynamic, someone said, then I started panicking. Trouble is, I don't know anyone young and dynamic. I mean, 50 years ago, when I was young and dynamic, I knew young and dynamic people. But, sheesh, now? Hell, I couldn't tell you. I tried using Google, but typing "Dear Mr Google, please could you help me choose a veep, please?" didn't really work. So I thought I should turn to those young and dynamic readers of Gizmodo, perhaps they could help me find the Toto to my Dorothy.

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