Matrox Reappears With Multi-Display Graphics Card Line For Professional Apps

In the battle for video card domination, dark horse Matrox never seemed to even come close to keeping up with Nvidia and ATI's crazy GPU arms race. But after fading almost completely from the gadgetsphere, the company has suddenly returned with the launch of five new graphics cards under its "M-Series" line. The M-Series targets the multi-display market and consists of two low-profile PCIe cards and three standard formate ATX PCIe cards.

The cards range from US$259 for the M9120 PCIe x16, which has a single DVI-I output that uses a breakout cable to run two independent displays, to the US$599 M9140 LP PCIe x16, which can power up to four 1920 x 1200 screens.

Judging from the pricing and features no regular person would need, it seems that Matrox has bypassed the home consumer market in favour of "professional" applications. That's probably a smart move, considering how even Intel is having trouble wrestling control of the market away from our two graphics chip overlords now. [The Inquirer via Crunch Gear]

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