Mad Catz' Exciting Rock Band Instruments Hit Next Week

Mad Catz has an entire set of Rock Band instruments coming next week, all with some weird features that aren't on the official Harmonix ones. Rock Band Mods found that there's the wired bass guitar, a wired regular guitar, wired microphone, portable drum kit and premium wired drums. Hit the jump to see details on these, which looks like they solve some of the small issues we've been having with our own set.

The wired bass guitar is US$69 and will have a dual strummer (like a real bass) so you can do two-fingered strumming. Sweet. There's also a thumb rest, volume knob for whammy, oversized tuning keys and a more bass-like feel. As a really lousy bass player, I'd actually buy one of these.

There's a US$59 wired microphone with built-in Xbox 360 face buttons so you can make your selections directly from it instead of a separate controller. A US$79 wired Fender Telecaster guitar with an improved strum bar and "quick response fret buttons", and a red finish.

On the drum side, there's a portable drum kit with quiet pads and a small form factor for US$49 (weird), and a premium drum set that's US$149 (!) but has fully adjustable drum heads with two-axis motion, crash cymbal, high hat, and a styling that's based on electronic drum kits. Still, US$149 is a lot of money. Hit the link to see all the instruments. [Rock Band Mods via Xbox 360 Fanboy]

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