Long Island To Get 35-Story Indoor Ski Resort, Doubles as Villian's Lair

For some, it's more police. For others, it's better traffic management. For Riverhead Resorts, though, what Long Island needs more than anything else is a 35-story man-made ski resort. As you could easily imagine, a few (read: lots and lots) of people aren't too happy about the two billion dollar proposal, but the concept is stunning.

Their ambitions don't stop at snow; Riverhead also has a water park, botanical gardens, hotels, convention halls and various other resort mainstays slated for construction around the slopes. It'll also fill a neighbouring, yet-to-be-built suburb for resort employees and people who are really, really enthusiastic about indoor skiing but can't afford a move to Dubai.

Riverhead plans to build the resort complex on property that now holds a long-disused Cold War naval facility, so the plans wouldn't be displacing residents or destroying small towns. The primary opposition to the project is based on environmental concerns. Detractors argue that the construction project will destroy the ecosystem on this peaceful area of Long Island, which given the ridiculous scale of construction seems totally certain. Seriously though, have they seen the proposal? They're building a mountain! It's hard not to appreciate that. Optimistic projections are for opening in a decade but you can have a look at Riverhead Resorts' whole sales pitch below.


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