Lightning Review: Razer DeathAdder Gaming Mouse for PC and Mac

The Gadget: Razer's DeathAdder, an 1800dpi right-handed gaming mouse for PC or Mac.


The Price: US$59.99

The Verdict: You'll remember in my gaming gear Battlemodo that I slighted Razer's Lachesis mouse for its ergonomics and build quality. Thinking I might get along with a right-handed mouse better, Razer sent me the DeathAdder, which just dropped for Macs ('cause Mac gaming is so robust.)

And I did, greatly preferring it to the ambi Lachesis. It's comfortable, and if you like the ergonomics of Microsoft mice, you'll probably dig DeathAdder, which has a similar form factor. The most clever thing about the design is that the two buttons are clickable deep into the mouse's body, so you can grip it shallow or really palm it—also useful if you have tiny hands. Tracking's accurate enough, though I'd have liked more than three settings for DPI.

I would've also liked a thicker, braided cord, like on Logitech's G5 or SteelSeries' Ikari, but overall the build quality seems good enough. Is it worth US$60? As much as any other gaming mouse is worth the extra bones. [Razer]

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