LG Dare, Verizon's Most Daring Phone Yet: Impressions, Video Walkthrough and Gallery

Let's just put this out there: LG's Dare is (or will be) the best touchscreen phone in Verizon's lineup. It's not quite as feature rich as the Instinct, but it corrects a lot of the Voyager's flaws, from the touchscreen to the music player, as you can see in our video walkthrough.

Key is that you can totally customise both main menus—part of the whole appeal of touchscreen UIs is that nothing is set in stone, right? Of course, there are a load of nifty, little features—many of which cheerfully exploit the touchscreen, like the built-in photo editor (combo'd with a 3.2MP camera with face detection), fairly impressive handwriting recognition, and drag 'n' drop calling—that add up to an impressive package overall. And maybe Wilson's favourite, slow-mo video capture at 120FPS.

The problems it does have are ones that have plagued phones for a while: the browser sucks, and Verizon's email and GPS navigation software are painfully retro, in the bad way. Those points aside, colour us eager, the first time in a while for a Verizon phone. It'll arrive on July 3 for US$199 after contract and US$50 mail-in rebate. [Verizon]

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