Lamp Rewinds Your Life to Embarrassing Mix Tapes Times

Hey guys. John Mayer here. You know I love music as much as I love my iPod. That's why I'm so happy that Apartment Therapy has selected these amazing lamps made out of analogue tapes still inside of their cases! How cool is that? I know! Cooler than Steve's turtleneck. They think it could be a good DIY project, but really, do you really need to go through all those embarrassing '90s mix tapes and glue them together? You know, the ones that you never sent to the love of your life—who never talked to you through high school—which included amazing classics such as:

• Captain of Your Heart
• Every Breath You Take
• Careless Whisper
• Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?
• Smooth Operator
• Take On Me
• With or Without You
• It's Only Love
• Sign Your Name
• A Total Eclipse of the Heart
• And Many, Many More...

Yes, I know that nowadays you all fill your iPods with John Mayer rock, John Mayer ballads, and John Mayer folk. But come on, you know you all did it back then. Admit it, what was your most embarrassing mix tape moment?
Best, John.

[Transparent House via Apartment Therapy]

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