Is Sony Cloning the Wiimote Next?

We've already heard pretty substantial rumours about an Xbox 360 "Wiimote" called "Newton," but now some are talking about the possibility of a PS3 motion control peripheral as well. Well, actually just one. A small site named PlayStation Lifestyle claims to have the scoop on Sony's latest from an interview with a focus tester. So if you're interested in what may or may not be, then keep reading.

The piece claims that Sony has Wiimote-like wireless controllers that are used without any nunchuk-like peripherals. Supporting up to four players at a time (3 less than the system's native spec), a 12-inch tripod plugs into a USB port and...does some sort of voodoo with the remotes.

According to the report, Sony had a number of different designs on hand for people to grade on comfort. And they demoed a really incredible paintball game, along with some other minigames. I wonder how well such a system would sell for the PS3 or Xbox 360. Whether or not this particular report proves true, I'm betting we'll know soon enough. [PlayStation Life via Joystiq]

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