iPhone On 3? They Want It As Much As You Do

iPhone On 3? They Want It As Much As You Do
3 logo.jpgDespite all the rumours and tips we’d received about the iPhone launching on 3, it looks like the mobile network isn’t actually getting the iPhone 3G any time soon.

Yesterday afternoon, 3 sent out a press release for their new online iPhone petition to Apple, where 3 customers can voice their hopes and dreams for an X-series Jesusphone to browse the web from their pocket cheaply.

Noel Hamill, the Director of Sales, Marketing and Product at 3, said:

“Ever since Apple’s announcement that a 3G iPhone is coming, we’ve had lots of calls and emails – the main flavour is people wanting to get the value that 3 offers with the iPhone.
“While we’ve been engaging with Apple to secure the iPhone for 3, we don’t know whether we can range it.
“We want Apple to see just how much our customers want the iPhone.”

I’m not too sure how much Apple listen’s to petitions from network providers,  but if you want to lend your voice to the cause you can either check out their website or – if you’re a 3 customer – SMS the word iPhone to 333000 to receive a form you can fill out from your mobile.