iPhone App Store Available in Early July, Loaded with Apps

After 250,000 downloaded SDKs, 25,000 official beta developers applicants (only 4,000 accepted), the Application Store is finally coming in July. And it's going to be full of applications.

• Super Monkey Ball. Ethan Einhorn from Sega presented the game. The gameplay is very smooth, and they developed 110 stages in just 8 weeks after their original announcement. Now it is available for US$9.99.
• eBay has also developed a dedicated auction application for the iPhone—available from the store for free—not a Web app, but the real thing.
• Loopt, a dedicated application that uses CoreLocation services to find people near you.
• A dedicated TypePad client will also available for free, with some really cool stuff.
• The Associated Press is also delivering a news channel, a dedicated app for the iPhone that can handle photos, news, and video from their network, as well as giving you a way to send them tips.
• Enigmo, one of the two games from Pangea, they have ported from Mac OS X. Also $9.99, like Super Monkey Ball.
• Cro-Mag Rally is the other game, which took them three days to move to the iPhone in rough form. It uses the accelerometer to drive, turning the iPhone around. Like Enigmo, is US$9.99.
• Mark Terry, an independent developer from England, showed Mow Cow, a cool music application which allows you to basically have a band in your pocket. A beautiful application.
• Major League Baseball also showed a dedicated baseball application, capable of showing stats, results, and video. Looks amazing too.
• Modality is a medical-oriented application, which allows you to see anatomical images and really zoom in.
• MIMvista, another medical-oriented application which allows access to scans and reports in real time over the air.
• Xavier Carrillo Costa, from Digital Legends Entertainment, presented a God of War-like game, with dramatic images and graphics. Really stunning.

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