iPhone 3G Turns On Porn Industry

According to Time, porn producers are excited about the new iPhone 3G because it will quickly put content right on the hand of the users, without having to go through the carrier, which already have control over the $1.7-billion mobile porn market. Not only that: the porn industry sees its large touch screen, web browser, and multimedia capabilities as the perfect platform to see naughty bits, calling it "the porn-friendliest phone" out there. The users—at least according to Google Trends—seem to agree with them.

According to the search company's statistics, there has been a sharp increase in "iPhone porn" searches over the last year, showing either that iPhone users are all a bunch of pervs, or that Jason and I spend way too much time surfing the web in the bathroom. Probably both.

Apple says that they won't allow any adult-oriented applications in the iPhone app store—so goodbye to your interactive anime porn games through iTunes, hello to Installer.app—but the 3G speeds and the Safari browser is open to any kind of content. The new version of Safari, however, will include parental contents so only daddy and mummy can surf the pink flesh wave. [TIME]

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