Insider Vid Shows WowWee Femisapien Fembot Knows All the Moves

The Sega E.M.A. fembot we showed you on the weekend is really the WowWee Femisapien, and WowWee has just popped up a couple of "insider videos" of it in action. They show the cleverer parts of the tech, and get Femisapien doing a little swashbuckling: though the two 'bots are just going through a set of scripted moves, the end result fencing match is impressive. In the second video, WowWee inventor Mark Tilden shows exactly how smart Femisapien is at learning moves as you pose it.

While Femisapien's no Uma Thurman with those blades, the range of motion and the accuracy of the robot's pose-programming does mean this is going to be one cool toy to play with.

Interestingly Geek Alerts is saying that Femisapien will be available in the US soon for US$99, which is at odds with the US$175 we mentioned earlier. Guess you'll have to wait to find out how much you'll pay to do robotic reconstructions of scenes from Zorro. [Geek Alerts]

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