Inflatable Car Can Drive Off Cliffs, Into Children's Parties

XP Vehicles wants to sell you and inflatable car that costs under US$10,000. It'll be shipped to you in two boxes and take roughly two hours for two people to build. Completely electric, the car's light weight means it can get 480 kms on a single charge or up to 4,000 if you use their "hot-swap" technology. Oh, and its NASA-grade inflatable material—the same stuff used by our landers in space—is supposed to let you drive off cliffs and stuff.

Q. What's all this about driving them off cliffs and floating them in floods and Tsunami's? Are they really super cars?
A. The nature of the polymer construction, on those that use it, offers secondary advantages which are not part of the intended use but which could possibly provide additional safety in such circumstances.

It all sounds too good to be true until you realise that, best case scenario, you have to pick up your date in a freakin' balloon car. (Still, totally cool if you were one of those X-Games types and paint it Mt. Dew green, I bet.) [XP Vehicles via Ubergizmo]

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